Edmond T.

大学: Cambridge

专学: Economics

位置: Cambridge, UK

Economics: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
IB (HL): Economics, Mathematics
IB (SL): Economics, Mathematics
Pre-U: Economics, Mathematics
AP: Economics, Mathematics
SAT II: Economics, Mathematics


I'm a strategy consultant based in London, having graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics. I'm enthusiastic about the opportunities to help students find their edge in a competitive undergraduate market, and have guided many individuals to new heights and of course, a place in the university of their dreams.


I like to understand the student and engage in discussions about what they want from their future and from themselves. Understanding them then lets me highlight their strengths, which they will use to have an edge in the interview. I'm patient and will simulate mock interviews, give ideas on how to prepare for most questions and provide other sources for them to discover the ways of getting what they want.


I have provided economics and admissions tuition to many students in the UK. Each student has come from a variety of backgrounds, yet I have been able to increase their chances of getting into Oxbridge by at least 5 times.
I have taught private tuition to numerous students in Singapore, primarily in IB economics, and have also given tuition for high school mathematics. I have also given group tuition as part of The Learning Lab in Singapore, which is recognised as the leading tuition agency for primary and secondary school education.


I enjoy involving myself in business questions and problems as part of my work. The nature of consulting lends itself greatly to helping individuals reach their full potential.

I'm also keen on web app development, which has been a serious hobby for the past few months, and I aim to launch a business around an app in the coming years.

I further have a passion for current affairs and debate. This led me straight into Model United Nations conferences, and I have been a delegate and chair in several competitions in the UK, notably winning the Diplomacy Award at Harvard MUN in Belgium.

Ryan L.


Offer from University of Cambridge (Economics)

Edmond gave me a good understanding of how to prepare for the interview. Mock interviews along with his tips and advise made me more confident of presenting myself on the actual day. If not for meeting Edmond through Youngtutors, I would have not known how to go about my preparation.