Kyle F.

大学: Cambridge

专学: Natural sciences (biological)

位置: Cambridge

Natural sciences (biological): University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Biology, Chemistry
IB (HL): Biology, Chemistry
IB (SL): Biology, Chemistry
Pre-U: Biology, Chemistry


I'm a second year student studying Ecology, Animal Biology and Organic Chemistry. I finished my first year with a first in Biology of Cells and Elementary maths for Biologists, a 2.i in Chemistry and a 2.ii in Evolution and Animal Behaviour.
My main interests lie in organic chemistry and its biological applications and the evolution of early life on Earth.
I'm a sociable and creative person, with quite a playful personality whilst maintaining a professional demeanor. I really think that learning should be more accessible and fun!


I like to take a very visual approach, knowing that I always learnt best by creating vivid stories or pictures in my mind; it brings the subject to life! I also encourage exploring the subject in a broader sense too - helping you understand why it might be that way, as opposed to wrote learning.


I've tutored all ages; from teaching my nephew how to read and spell, to helping out an adult on an access to learning course.
I worked with a secondary school in my local area to tutor maths and science GCSE with about 6 lower performing students (all of whom improved!)
Finally I often help peers whilst at university by explaining more difficult concepts in a new way.


I am a hypnotist; performing stage shows whilst at university! I've played piano for about 12 years and absolutely love learning languages. Whilst at uni, I took up sign language and salsa dancing, too.