Alex L.

大学: Cambridge

专学: Engineering

位置: Hong Kong

Engineering: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test
A-Level: Further mathematics, Mathematics, Physics


I just graduated with a MEng degree in Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering. I achieved top place in my BA and a 2.1 in my MEng. I completed my A Levels with 4A*s and GCSEs with 9A*s. WIth my academic achievements, I have a good idea about the qualities Oxbridge are looking for from applicants.


I will begin by identifying the student's capabilities and limits. Then my focus will be on refining the student's critical thinking on Oxbridge-style interview questions. My approach will be tailored for each student, depending on his/her weaknesses. Encouragement is also essential to improve the student's performance.


Private tutor on two Oxbridge applicants for Engineering. Received positive feedback from both of them.


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