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Kian (k.y) N.

University: University of Oxford

Degree Subject: Law

Location: Singapore

Teaching Subjects:
Law: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview, LNAT
A-Level: English, Biology, Chemistry

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Acing the LNAT

Here we'll clarify some of the doubts you might have about the LNAT. Is the LNAT essay even graded? Who marks it and what are they looking for?...
By Kian (k.y) Ng.

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About Myself

I graduated from Oxford in 2014 and currently spend my time between Hong Kong and Singapore at the moment.

Tutoring Approach

Method over Content - Knowing how to learn is more important than the actual substantive issues, which can become outmoded in time to come.

Individualised Teaching - Each student is different. They might have differing interests and even different ways of thinking. I adapt my teaching to suit these differences. For example, I've found that using real-life examples in subject areas which my students are interested in helps them absorb information better.

When In doubt, Ask - My students treat me as their peer, albeit one with wrinkles and occasional backaches. I encourage this (no not the backaches) because it helps my students ask questions which they would otherwise be embarrassed to ask. These questions often clarify crucial concepts in their understanding.

Take Charge of Your Own Learning - I incorporate principles of Socratic questioning in my teaching. I ask open-ended questions which my students respond to. By formulating the answers in their own words, they understand the relevant concepts better. It also helps me iron out any underlying misconceptions they have.

Teaching Experience

I've tutored 3 students on Gurume for the LNAT and Oxford admissions. Two of them received offers to interview at separate Oxford colleges.

In terms of formal teaching experience, I've been a private tutor for two years. Since Nov 2015, I've also taught at The Learning Lab, where I coached more than 300 students (aged 13 to 18) according to the Cambridge English syllabus.

Extracurricular Interests

Reading, kayaking and embarking on mini-projects like building my own 3D printer.

Hyunjin K.


LNAT Essay and UCAS Personal Statement

My tuition was focused on two things: the LNAT Essay and UCAS personal statement.
For the LNAT, I had a very limited time to work on it, but Kian made very effective use of time teaching me the skills needed for the essay in a short period of time. I had never been able to finish an essay in time, but Kian's classes helped greatly and I was able to write a good essay during thr actual LNAT. Kian was very supportive and flexible with schedule.
For the UCAS Personal Statement, we did not skype or talk face-to-face. We mainly used email to communicate. I would send him a draft, he would polish it up and send it back. As with the LNAT essay, it was done in an efficient and systematic manner. I was able to improve my draft greatly. He was very quick to respond and answered any questions I had. He also took the effort to talk to lawyers from colleges I wanted to apply for and helped me in the process of choosing colleges as well.
It was extremely lucky to be able to meet with Kian.