Undergraduate Application Service

G5: Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, UCL

GuruMe helps you to attain your offers from your target universities through our expert advice and full-time support throughout the application process.

Our Results

Essay Clinic

Revision by native English speaking Oxbridge mentors


£240 | ¥2400


£480 | ¥4800

Essay Revision

Revised essay to be sent between the student and mentor

2 times

4 times

30-minute video calls with your mentor

Brainstorm & Feedback

2 times

4 times

Basic Services



University Q&A

Strength & weakness identification

Application roadmap


£1000 | ¥10000

Univerity Selection

University/subject specific mentor assignment

Personal Statement brainstorming/editing/feedback

Admissions Tests

£180 | ¥1800

4 x 1hr past paper session

Past papers provided for free

Extra session
£45 | ¥450

Oxbridge/Imperial Interview Services

University/Subject specific


£270 | ¥2700


£540 | ¥5400

Subject Topic Discussion

Designed to improve spoken English in delivering thinking process

3 times

6 times

Mock Interview

30 mins of real condition mock interview + 10 mins of feedback + 20 mins of further exploring concepts discussed in the interview

3 times

6 times

Access to past interview questions

GuruMe has 2 years of past interview question collections