IB Tutors in Shanghai and Beijing

Introducing IB tutors in Shanghai and Beijing. All of GuruMe IB tutors are native English speakers that have taken IB themselves and have attained top marks before enrolling to Oxford and Cambridge University. Below are some profiles of GuruMe IB tutors for all subjects in the following areas:


  • Pudong, Shanghai
  • Puxi, Shanghai
  • Shunyi, Beijing

  • Subjects

  • Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Philosophy, History, Geography, Economics
  • TOK, Theory of Knowledge
  • Extended Essay
  • Internal Assessment, IA

  • IB Tutor Profiles

    Louie, Cambridge Engineering

    IB 45 points: Maths, Physics, Chemistry

    I've just finished my first year of Engineering at Cambridge University. I see where I am now as the perfect time to start tutoring - my academic skills are excellent due to the high standards expected at Cambridge, I've got plenty of free time, and I'm mature enough to deliver the best possible tutoring.

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    Ashkaan, Oxford History & Economics

    IB: History & Economics

    I study History and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University. I love my subjects, and I have a passion for helping people to learn and improve. I received 43 points in the IB (International Baccalaureate) including 7s in History, Economics, English and Physics and 6s in Maths and German. I received...

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    Aisha, Oxford English Literature

    IB 44 points: English Literature

    I recently graduated from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford with a BA (Hons) in English. I achieved 44 out of 45 points in the IB at Sevenoaks School, England (HL: English, History & Economics). I am truly passionate about my subject and had the most amazing three years at Oxford. I am happy to tutor and give advice...

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    Holly, Oxford Geography

    IB 43 points: Geography

    I am a third year Geography student at St Catherine's College, Oxford where I received an Academic Scholarship as a result of my first year exam results. Having grown up and attended an international school in Madrid, Spain, I am familiar with working with students of all nationalities. Having achieved...

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    Daisy, Cambridge HSPS

    IB 45 points: Philosophy

    I am Daisy, a first year Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student at Cambridge. I am a friendly and enthusiastic person who is keen to tutor any students of any abilities. I achieved 45 points in my IB diploma and 12 A*s at GCSE, and am passionate about learning and tutoring, which I personally...

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    Jish, Oxford Law

    IB 44 points: Economics

    I'm Jish, a Malaysian student who recently graduated from Merton College, Oxford with a BA in Jurisprudence (fancy Oxford talk for Law) in June 2015, and who is currently in London studying the LPC in preparation for a training contract with an American firm's London office. But before all that...

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    Benjamin, Oxford Chemistry

    IB 44 points: Chemistry, Physics, Maths

    I am in my second year at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, studying chemistry. Before coming to Oxford, I studied in Singapore for 5 years, and while there achieved 44 points in the IB. I can help with the entire application process to Oxbridge, including both interviews and writing a personal statement...

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