Kiran M.

대학: Oxford

전공과목: Philosophy, politics and economics (ppe)


Philosophy, politics and economics (ppe): University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: English, Economics
IB (HL): English, Economics
IB (SL): English, Economics

Favourite interview question

"would you rather destroy the moon or Shakespeare's works "


I am a graduate student at UChicago in Economics having graduated from Oxford University reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), and previously went to Queen Elizabeth`s School.

수업 방향

I really enjoy teaching, and I have tutoring experience in Economics, English, Creative Writing and the Eleven Plus (for private and grammar schools.

For younger students (11+/KS2), I am happy to work on analysing basic texts for the comprehension tasks, alongside I have experience with teaching creative writing, so I can assist with composition tasks (including the short and long writing tasks at KSS2).

For older students (KS3/GCSE/A Level) I am happy to work with school set texts, discussing key themes and how writers employ literary techniques in prose, poetry and drama. I have experience in teaching creative writing as well understanding academic criticism of texts. I will help create structured notes on texts in order to help make revision easier.

At GCSE and A Level, Economics can be very technical with numerous graphs and diagrams, especially in microeconomics, I have experience in explaining step by step such diagrams and aid the student apply these ideas to the modern economy (a key skill at A Level). Within macroeconomics especially at A2 Level, I can help the student create mini case studies to exemplify economic theory, a core requirement for many boards.

I can assist students who are applying for Economics, Politics or PPE at either Oxford and Cambridge. I am very flexible as to the student`s needs. I can help with the writing of the personal statement, entrance tests (for social science subjects the TSA is most commonly used), I can aid the student in preparing for interviews, by suggesting and discussing reading as well as providing mock interviews.

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