Millie P.

대학: Cambridge University

전공과목: Human, social and political sciences

위치: London

Human, social and political sciences: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: History, English, Philosophy
IB (HL): Philosophy
IB (SL): Philosophy
Pre-U: English, Philosophy


I'm Millie, a Human, Social and Political Sciences graduate from Cambridge, having switched from first year Philosophy. This means I'm able to offer advice and tutoring for both subjects (especially for those as indecisive as I was!). I am based in London and am also available for online tutoring over Skype.

수업 방향

I consider myself a very patient person, able to work with those of all ages and abilities. When it comes to Oxbridge applications, particularly for the arts, the ability to think both critically and creatively is paramount. Therefore, although subject matter is of prime importance, I like to work with students on helping to foster these other critical skills. I favour an approach based around a piece of work, marked, and then followed by a discussion, which would best mimic both the interview process, and the supervisions or tutorials you will hopefully be having if your application is successful. For A-Level, Pre U and IB help I like to do things according to the syllabus, along with working on extra outside knowledge for added flair. Again, my approach involves setting a piece of work, marking it and then going through it together.

수업 경력

I recently worked for an academic consultancy in Spain, helping students with applications to universities in both the UK and the US. This ranged from helping select universities to personal statement and interview help. I have experience tutoring all ages - anything from helping students at my sixth form with AS-Level and GCSE History, to two years of tutoring GCSE maths, and some primary reading and literature. In Summer 2016, I participated in the CSE programme in Hong Kong and China, where I devised and delivered my own lessons to classes of up to 15 students. Furthermore, I have experience in preparing my students for Oxbridge interviews - with my last student receiving an offer to study Philosophy and Mathematics at Merton College, Oxford.

교외 활동 및 취미

My extracurricular activities include:
- President of my college's May Ball in 2016
- Columnist for Varsity, the student newspaper
- Entertainment Officer for my college JCR