What to expect in Medicine interviews?

Medicine past interview questions

Who did you see your doctors working with on your work experience, what non-medical members are there? How do they contribute to the team? What daily activities show that you would work well in a team?

What are 2 things about you which would make you a good doctor and what are 2 of your shortcomings?

How would pregnancy affect the speed of metabolism of the drugs? Where are drugs metabolised? Where are they excreted? How might you compensate for the change in metabolism of drugs in pregnant women?

You have 2 jugs, one with a 5 litre capacity, one with a 3 litre capacity. You can fill both of them up to the brim as many times as you like, and empty them as many times as you like but you have to fill and empty them completely. You can transfer liquid between them as long as you transfer as much as you can. How would you measure out 4 litres in one jug?


N.B. Obviously useful in comparing your answer with our recommended answer. But for cases where you cannot think of an answer, we recommend you first have a solid go at the questions without referring to the answers and only refer to the answers at the end.