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Q. Explain differences in physical properties of the following hydrocarbons: octane and oct-2-ene.

A. The alkane has higher boiling point than alkene because van der waals forces is greater......

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Q. How does a cell stop itself from exploding due to osmosis?

A. If we argue backwards, we can state intracellular solute concentration is being regulat......

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Q. How does the basicity for ammonia, primary amine, secondary amine and tertiary amine in inorganic solvent? In water?

A. The lone pair on nitrogen can be dative covalent bonded to a proton where the electron ......

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Computer Sciences

Q. How many rectangles are there in a chessboard?

A. As a typical thinking skills test maths problem, obviously need to start with the fact ......

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Q. Would it be feasible to have an economy that was entirely based on the service sector?

A. Coming...

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Q. How long would it take to pump water out of a cellar 2m and floor space 25m2?

A. m=pV (p of water is 1000kgm^-3) m = 1000 x 2 x 25 = 50000kg; Energy Required = mgh ...

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Q. Does ivy growth protect or destroy walls?

A. Coming...

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Human Sciences

Q. What causes altitude sickness and how do humans adapt physiologically to high altitudes?

A. First think about the changes in the environment at high altitudes. Oxygen level, air p......

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Land Economy

Q. Will the UK lose its sovereignty if it joins EMU?

A. Coming...

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Q. If I said Manchester won a football match believing without a doubt that this was true but actually Chelsea won, am I lying?

A. I would argue lying implies a level of insidiousness and an element of intentional dece......

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Q. Given that you can cut a pizza n times, what is the maximum number of pieces you can obtain?

A. One should start by converting this problem into the language of mathematics. Altering ......

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Q. What are 2 things about you which would make you a good doctor and what are 2 of your shortcomings?

A. Personally, I enjoy working on problem solving and I am also very precise about my work......

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Q. If the probability of winning a lottery is low but someone still wins and the probability of sun not rising tomorrow is also low, can we assume that the sun will not rise tomorrow?

A. This question is a problem on induction ...

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Q. How would you weigh the Earth?

A. This is a question to test one's thinking skills where the answer is not necessarily to......

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Q. Is redistributive taxation justified?

A. Coming...

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