Madeleine S.

University: Cambridge

Degree Subject: Engineering

Location: Cambridge

Teaching Subjects:
Engineering: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Mathematics, Physics, French

About Myself

Hi! My name is Madeleine Steer and I am a graduate in engineering from Cambridge. I am available for Oxbridge mock interviews for Engineering, interview preparation, general advice for Oxbridge applications, personal statement advice, as well as mentoring and tutoring in the subjects listed below. I achieved A*s in Maths, Physics and French at A Level, as well as As in Further Maths, German and Ancient Greek at AS. I achieved 10 A*s at GCSE level, and hope that my previous academic success will make me a suitable candidate if you are trying to choose a tutor!

I am available for part time tutoring both during term time and holidays, via email, team viewer, WeChat and Skype, for anything up to A Level in my aforementioned subjects (please ask for GCSEs!). I am only able to do in-house tutoring near Winchester during the holidays, and near Cambridge during term time, due to limited travel options.

I am happy to help with personal statements and university applications, specifically for Engineering and/or Cambridge applications, but can do Oxford applications too.

If you have any questions, please send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible!

Tutoring Approach

I am patient, knowledgeable, and hope that I will be able to help with whichever subject you choose while making the tutoring experience enjoyable.

I have prepared interview questions, with marked crib sheets, which I use during tutoring sessions. Depending on the candidate's level and subject choices, I will adapt the mock interview/tutoring to suit the candidate's needs.

Teaching Experience

I have helped to teach science to year 5 children at a primary school, and have done Oxbridge mock interviews for Engineering through Gurume.

Extracurricular Interests

In my spare time I do ballroom dancing, row in Jesus College's third women's boat, and I also enjoy playing the piano, violin, drinking tea, gaming and painting.

Sheila F.


Offer from The University of Cambridge

The practice interview was mostly focused on working on higher level, practically applied maths and physics questions, and I received very similar questions in the actual interviews. Her advice on preparation work was also very helpful, again directing me to questions that were very similar to (and therefore very good preparation for) the actual interview.

She also gave lots of good advice on interview style, such as how you should talk about the questions you are answering, and how to clearly explain your chains of reasoning.

Overall it was a very good simulation of the real interviews I received, and the practice interview itself, as well as the advice on preparation, were extremely helpful. It was an extremely worthwhile experience, and I highly recommend Madeleine for tutoring and mock interviews.

Andrew W.


Madeleine is a very friendly tutor that made me feel very comfortable while I'm doing the mock interview. Also, she go through my personal statement and give me some questions related to this which helps me a lot. She writes me an review after the interview and point out my strength and weakness directly. I strongly recommend Madeleine to everyone who's applying to Cambridge or Oxford.