Natalia F.

University: University of Oxford

Degree Subject: Psychology (experimental)

Location: Munich (Germany)

Teaching Subjects:
Psychology (experimental): University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Psychology (experimental), Biology, Neuroscience
IB (HL): Psychology (experimental), Neuroscience
IB (SL): Psychology (experimental), Neuroscience

Favourite interview question

"Why can a fly get into the room, but can't find its way out?"

About Myself

I am about to begin my PhD in Neuroscience, and doing Experimental Psychology at Oxford was the stepping stone that defined the rest of my career!
I have worked in a variety of fields, from developmental psychology with infants, to working with mouse models of anxiety, to machine consciousness, and have finally settled on working with brain plasticity.

I am passionate about all things brain related, and will do my best to inspire you too!

Tutoring Approach

Teaching Experience

English in China and Peru
Communication skills in England and Ukraine
Private tutoring
I set up the first in Germany Neuroscience and Psychology summer school (NeuroCamp Munich), which was a tremendous success

Extracurricular Interests

Science communication (you can listen to my talks on YouTube if you search Natalia Filvarova15x4 Munich)
Organization and management
I volunteer a lot
and travel way too much :)

Cherry W.


Natalia is an excellent tutor. She is very passionate about the subject and was well-prepared for the mock interview. She structured the session very efficiently and effectively, and prepared a lot of questions related to the subject.
We are really grateful for Natalia's help!

Xinyuan X.


Psychology Mock Interview, Oxford

Natalia is a really insightful tutor. She is very humorous and patients. After our mock interview, she also gave me some really incisive advice to work on. I'm very lucky to have met her!