Sophie P.

University: Oxford

Degree Subject: Biological sciences

Location: London

Teaching Subjects:
Biological sciences: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Biology, French, Chemistry

Favourite interview question

"If neither parents carry the gene for a genetic disease at this locus, how does their child develop the disease?"

About Myself

I've just graduated from Oxford with a first class degree in Biological Sciences. I'm taking a 'gap year' this year, but have moved to London in order to work and save some money for my Master's in Science Communication next year.

Tutoring Approach

I believe the best way of learning is by doing, so my tutoring approach involves a lot of talking and discussion of things that my tutee does not understand. I encourage questions and exploration of ideas. I think it's important to be able to nail exam technique and not loose easy marks, so I have an emphasis on going through questions together after we've talked through and fully understood the topic.

I've been through the rigorous Oxford interview process, so am confident in preparing my tutee in terms of knowledge and their approach to the questions they might get asked.

Teaching Experience

I have two tutees, who just went through their exams: Dovi, who I teach once a week for 2 hours. We went through the A2 Biology syllabus together in preparation for his final exams. And Ellie, who I taught GCSE Maths to. I also tutor casually with the charity "Reach Out". Whilst at sixth form, I was part of a mentor system where I helped people who were struggling with their exam technique. And whilst at university, I took part in outreach and access days which involved talking about subject specific issues with hopeful Oxbridge applicants.

Extracurricular Interests

I love being outside since I'm from rural Wales and used to ride horses when I was younger. While I was at Oxford I loved rowing, and now I live in London I do a lot of cycling and wild swimming (as well as swimming in pools on cold days). I also love journalism and write as many articles as I can in my spare time.

Ryan Y.


Successful Cambridge Offer - NSAA

Let me be honest: I had zero knowledge of Biology at the start of IB. So imagine the outrage from my teachers and parents when I decided to apply for Natural Sciences at Cambridge. The biggest obstacle I faced was the NSAA, a newly-made biology test for natsci applicants. If I didn't pass the NSAA, I wouldn't be getting an interview. Sophie's lessons have been the key to my high achievement in my NSAA: she knew exactly what I needed to score high in the Cambridge test. If anyone's looking for a qualified science tutor, I'd highly recommend Sophie, not only for University admissions test, but for any science lessons in general :)

David D.


My tuition is based on understanding the topics clearly and being able to answer questions on the topics

Millie M.


University offer for Oxford

Throughout years 12 and 13 Sophie tutored me for Biology and also helped me with my application to the University of Oxford. She was a brilliant tutor, and I learnt so much with her- she really helped me to improve which enabled me to get the required grades. Without her coaching I don't think I would have received an offer from Oxford. I couldn't recommend her more!