Harry L.

University: Oxford

Degree Subject: Biochemistry

Location: London

Teaching Subjects:
Biochemistry: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
IB (HL): Chemistry
IB (SL): Chemistry

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Oxford Interview Experience - Biochemistry

Waiting outside my college tutor’s room was very long. I could hear sounds from inside the door but couldn’t quite make out the words (maybe being ...
By Harry Lee.

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Favourite interview question

"Add salt to icy road is a way to prevent skidding. What's the mechanism behind this phenomenon?"

About Myself

I am a graduate from Oxford University with BA and MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. I was awarded an Exhibition by Oriel for academic excellence, and was a visiting scholar at Princeton University during my 4th year. Before Oxford, I held the top academic scholarship at Wellington College, one of leading boarding schools in the UK. I like teaching which is why after graduation I’m working in the education sector, tutoring and mentoring students - I have been tutoring Biology, Chemistry and Maths to students and helping them prepare for university admissions in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

I have taken GCSEs and IB at Wellington College and have had broad interests in a range of studies including biology, chemistry and languages (French, Latin and Greek). My IB subjects are as follow:

HL - Biology, Chemistry, Maths
SL - English Lang & Lit, History, French
EE - Chemistry

My favorite and best teaching subject is IB Chemistry and, in particular, enjoy teaching
Topic 10 - Organic Chemistry
Topic 8 - Acids and Bases
Topic 7 - Equilibrium
Topic 4 - Bonding
Topic 3 - Periodicity

My teaching resources include
IB study notes - compressed version of Pearson publication (my own)
Question bank - topic specific year by year past paper & Pearson/Oxford/Cambridge publication practice questions

Tutoring Approach

1. When explaining concepts and ideas, I tend to make comparisons and use models/kits to help students understand. I love using Molecular Kit which is often used in school chemistry class.
2. For exam preparation revision class, using my question bank, I go through the different types of possible exam questions.

*All tutorial directions will be decided after the initial meeting with the student and also
depending on the student's learning speed, attitude and goals. This means that for uni entrance mentorship, students' areas of interests in the subject and extracurricular readings need to be identified before any feedback work on personal statement is done. As for GCSE and IB revision tuition, I believe that it is important to identify the topics that the students find difficult by giving them a past paper to do and then drill the areas of weakness with multiple past papers.

Most importantly, my tutoring aim is to help students enjoy their subjects by simplifying problems and showing them that they can achieve a full marks on a question because often if you are praised for being good in a subject, you will like the subject.

Teaching Experience

I have first started tutoring my brother and brother's friend since the age of 17 in GCSE Chemistry and Biology on twice a week basis for two months. This was for no charge because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching my students slowly changing the way how they tackle questions an eventually get the right answers. Upon becoming an university student, I took the tutoring career onto a higher level by joining an after-school study academy in Korea as a part time teacher. During then, I have tutored all possible subjects, including year pre-GCSE Latin and French, because these are subjects that I had studied upto AS and A-Level standards.

Since then, I've spending every summer vacation tutoring mostly GCSE and IB biology and chemistry on 1:1 basis.

Extracurricular Interests

Music (piano)
Travel (backpacking for local experience)

Chenlin C.


He is patient and supportive. I learned a lot from his tutoring.

Shiyun F.



great help for interview

Aleezer L.


Offer from Oxford(chemistry)

Harry is a perfect choice if you want to truly improve yourself. I like the way he presented ideas and his logical thinking. And that's exactly what he taught me and what I found useful. During the lessons, we discussed and solved the problem together rather than rote learning or simply asking and answering, and this was also what I found out in the real interview as well. Besides, he gave lots of funny and useful techniques and tips which definitely helped!!! A good tutor always get on well with his students! Harry is such a good tutor and considerate friend. Thank you soooooooooo much. Harry!

Ying Z.


Harry is a really nice tutor. The mock interviews and all the practice sessions I had with him were all very helpful. He taught me how to explain things more logically and to look at questions from different perspectives. He was able to see both my strengths and my weaknesses. He was very patient and was willing to help me whenever he could. I became so much more confident with the actual interview after the interviews and practice sessions with him. Thank you so much Harry!!!

Beitong G.


He gives me specific feedback of each interview and give solutions which is really useful .The questions he gave me during the mock interview has exactly same style with real interview. He also give me lots of methods about how to answer the questions in a logic way. Mocs interviews I did with Harry help me a lot!

Tishya S.


Mock Interview for Oxford

Harry was a great tutor and encouraged me to practice and revise all the most important topics and didnt let me slack. He constantly challenged me and pushed me to tackle the most difficult questions that made me think outside of my basic IB syllabus, and gav me hints to help me think in the right direction! If it wasnt for him I may have given up haha! Thanks for helping me Harry!

Smile W.


Oxford interview practice

We had a mock interview on skype and Harry gave me useful feedback and resources. When I got the wrong answers and went off track, he gave me hints and explained the answers to me at the end. He is very supportive and is willing to help even though he is busy.

Carmen W.


Offer from Oxford in Biochemistry - Extremely supportive in my personal statement and interview practice

Harry challenged me during the interview practice and was able to improve my fluency and academic ability in an interview environment. The sessions were conducted via Skype and worked very very well.

Leon G.


Improved grade in IB Biology Standard Level

Going into the standard level class, I had a relatively low level of background knowledge and therefore I was falling behind in this class. Harry has helped me immensely by being able to simplify the general areas of knowledge within Biology and then slowly going into more details related to the class. He is able to simplify abstract ideas by slowly taking my original understanding and adding on to it with real-life examples, diagrams and very understandable, simplified explanations. He not only stops there but helps in the note-taking process so that the information we have gone through the classes are not forgotten and can be easily looked over to study for upcoming tests. Overall, as a formerly struggling student, Harry has really helped me at first understand the general ideas of Biology with his motivated way of teaching and because of this I was able to understand the key terms and ideas which have to do with the things we are learning in class. I am very satisfied with his help and believe that he can educate a wide range of students due to his adaptability to the students level of understanding.

Jei D.


An offer from Oxford

Harry is a very dedicated tutor. He tried to give me as much time as possible in order to prepare, even when he was abroad! His enthusiasm for the subject rubbed off on me and the questions he provided were well suited to my personal statement as well the specific college I applied to. His wide range of contacts really helped because he has a large bank of questions at hand. Whenever I was on the wrong track, he would guide to the correct answer without telling me the final answer and he always had a follow up question for me. He tried to push me to my limits, which is definitely what the tutors at Oxford try to do. I couldn’t have got a better tutor; he really made me feel comfortable and that gave me confidence in the real interview.

Jenny D.


Offer from Oxford to read Chemistry

These were the only practices I had which were anything like the real interviews, and it definitely helped me prepare. We did lots of practice questions and I had useful feedback which made me much less scared of the real thing :)

Gina B.


He communicated well with me during the tuition which makes me to concentrate on my subject more effective therefore it gives me high achivement.