Simson W.

University: University of Oxford

Degree Subject: Chemistry

Location: Oxford

Teaching Subjects:
Chemistry: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Mathematics, Chemistry

About Myself

I am currently a PhD student in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford, a 4-year funded programme on the development of novel nano materials for ammonia synthesis. Prior to the PhD programme I have completed my undergraduate studies at University of Oxford, where 3 patents were filed for my final-year project. During the course of study I was awarded an Exhibition by Brasenose College and I have secured college collection prize consecutively for 6 times.
I have a deep passion in education and would love to share my views on Oxford interviews with others. I have given talks and presentations on Oxford admission process in Chinese state-owned organisations before and was invited by my alma mater to give a talk on Oxbridge application every year.

Tutoring Approach

The essence of one on one teaching is to know the strength and the weakness thoroughly of the student. So my first lesson will always be a consultation session which involves an informal chat on the difficulties that the students encountered on the subject. After that we will draw the study plan and timetable together such that the student can have a clear picture of what he's going to achieve.
During the tutorial I adopt the Oxford approach which will involve basic concept teaching and heated discussion on the challenging problems. After each lesson I will also assign the students an adequate amount of problems ranging from the fundamentals to the tricky ones. From time to time, I will set a test as homework to check the progress of the student.
As for university preparation, I will first have a brief talk with the student to see why he wants to choose that subject in particular because passion and interest are the crux for a good personal statement. For Oxford Chemistry interview it often requires good knowledge of A-level chemistry stuff. I will make sure the student has acquired those knowledge such that he can build and reach further. On the other hand I will also teach the student interview skills to sharpen his competitive edge, for instance the right way to present logical statements.
All in all I do hope the student can enjoy my lesson because that makes the best part of teaching.

Teaching Experience

I have been academically coaching students since year 3.
I always put strong emphasis on interview techniques because only with appropriate skills can one deliver a precise yet concise answer.
By combining University-level lectures and A-level materials, I will expand the knowledge base of my students and at the same time train their intellectual thinking.
Every lesson for my student will be tailor-made because different students will have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Most of my mock interview questions are based on real Oxford-interview questions. As a result my students will know how to tackle different types of questions.

Extracurricular Interests


Aleezer L.


Oxford offer

Simson was and will always be a very helpful and patient tutor. He gave me lots of useful techniques and made me felt more confident during the lessons. And he was really friendly, which make me feel more like a friend rather than a tutor.

Yilin Y.


a conditional offer from oxford

very helpful during my preparation for the oxford interview, and gave me many great suggestions at oxford before my interview

Pinjie H.


offer of Oxford

The tuitions really help me a lot, which make me well prepared for the interviews